JJ Watch Repair
JJ Watch Repair

A Detailed Selection of Brands We Repair

Coach Watch Repair
When you think of Coach the American Fashion Designer you think of handbags and accessories BUT they are so much more. Coach has expanded into Jewelry and Watches, that are Fashionable with unique fabric straps, Accessible to all from Diamond case watches to Diver models to Automatics and Quartz movements. The Coach Watch is Designed by Coach and Manufactured by the Movado Group since 1998. This way you get the best of Swiss technology in quality and American Designs. more
Concord Watch Repair
Concord is a name affiliated with quality, elegance, and reliability from the Gold and Diamond Style watches they made famous into the 1970’s when the Concord Watch Company joined the Movado Group and daringly designed the world’s thinnest timepieces. more
Constantin Weisz Watch Repair
Factory Authorized Service Center
Constantin Weisz is a New and Innovated German Company that has created a Line of Mechanical, Automatic and Chronograph Timepieces that are classic in design, excellent quality in movement & case design, versatile in design for fashion and functionality for both Men and Women. The Constantin Weisz Company has made a name for themselves throughout Europe that has people looking forward to its USA debut. more
Corum Watch Repair
In the watch world Corum is relatively new to the market, produced in 1955 in Switzerland with pride, by a father and son, it has become renowned with collectors and people seeking quality workmanship and a distinctive design. more
Cyma Watch Repair
Cyma – one of the oldest watch manufacturers in Switzerland (1862), has received world wide recognition of excellence. more
Doxa Watch Repair Authorized USA Service Center
The advent of quartz technology marked a turbulent time for the Swiss watchmaking industry. One of many challenges DOXA and other great brands had to come to grips with. more
Ebel Watch Repair
The Ebel Watch Company was the Official manufacturer of watches for the British Army in the 1940’s. more
Ecclissi Watch Repair
Ecclissi – Created and Designed by world renowned Robert Elizondo, for over 20 years has been a leader in the Sterling Silver industry. Ecclissi is a stylist, reliable and quality time piece that uses Sterling Silver, Leather, Gemstones and Turquoise stones in a wide variety of watches. more
Edox Watch Repair
Factory Authorized Service Center
At J & J Watch Repair watches are completely disassembled, the movements are ultrasonically cleaned, oiled and time tested in 6 positions and are electronically timed for accuracy. Batteries are replaced in all quartz watches.  Meanwhile the cases and bands are ultrasonically cleaned, polished and steamed. Upon completion they are reassembled and timed again and pressure sealed when required. We use all genuine EDOX material when replacement is necessary. more
Epos Watch Repair
By the 1980s when Quartz movements were becoming popular the Epos company was under direction of Peter Hofer, who continued the innovation and vision of the mechanical brand.  In 2002, he looked for someone to take over the brand and found the Chonge-Forster Family who shared his belief and expanded the Epos watch internationally by following the long heritage of the company and continuing the  ARTISTRY IN WATCHMAKING theory. more