JJ Watch Repair
JJ Watch Repair

A Detailed Selection of Brands We Repair

Longines Watch Repair
The Birth of a Tradition occured in Switzerland in 1832 with the new Watch Manufacturer, Longines Watch Company, producing precision timepieces that were hand made and assembled independently. more
Lorus Watch Repair
The Seiko Corporation released Lorus Watches in 1982 as a line of fashionable affordable watches that were fun and unique. more
Lucien Piccard Watch Repair
Lucien Piccard is a timeless classic – the Gold style watches have been around since the 1920’s. Lucien Piccard has a long standing reputation of excellence and distinction in the Watch World. more
Luminox Watch Repair
In 1989 the technology for a self-powered illumination system was developed by Luminox for the United Stated Navy Seals and other Military Branches to be able to see at night without being detected on the battle field. The name Luminox is Greek for Light & Night. The technology is unique and has become standard equipment for the Military and Law Enforcement as well as Divers, Pilots and every person who appreciates a performance timepiece that is stylish and functional. more
M and Co Watch Repair Factory Authorized Service Center
The M & Co. Timepieces are sold and the 10-one-4 has a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art. The Chroma Watches offer color wheels to change the seconds and the Reveal Line shows the old time fading away while the NEW time fades in. New styles are produced as the Architects form new concepts. more
Maserati Watch Repair Factory Authorized Service Center
Maserati is a traditional Italian Car Company since 1931, that exemplifies Style and dependability. Today’s Maserati has expanded into a full line of watches. Morellato is the licensed dealer proud to add Maserati to its line of brand name watches. more
Michele Watch Repair
Mido Watch Repair
Mido Watches have been Swiss made since 1918, the name is Spanish from “Yo Mido” meaning “I Measure” that fits this brand perfectly. The Mido Watch is a timeless design that is extremely reliable and has excellent value. Mido watches are Swiss crafted for quality, whether you purchase a Mechanical or Quartz movement you are sure to pleased. We at J & J Watch Repair look forward to assisting you with your timepiece. more
Miss Sixty Watch Repair
Miss Sixty - stylish watches for people of taste. more
Mondaine Watch Repair
. In 1951, the Bernheim Family developed a time piece for the Swiss Railway Stations to be reliable, visible and accurate for the station masters to be able to alert the travelers when trains where approaching on time. The Railways used a Red paddle to alert people and the Bernheim family created a RED second hand on its clocks to have the same effect. Today, the Mondaine Company incorporates this into every timepiece they sell. The Red second hand has become the Signature sign of distinction, accuracy, and reliability among the Horology world. more