JJ Watch Repair
JJ Watch Repair

A Detailed Selection of Brands We Repair

Projects Watches Watch Repair
Factory Authorized Service Center
Projects Watches offer the wearer some unique timepieces that portray Beauty, Structure and Innovative designs that are influenced by the Architects designs of Buildings, Museums and International Designs. The M & Co. Timepieces are sold and the 10-one-4 has a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art. The Chroma Watches offer color wheels to change the seconds and the Reveal Line shows the old time fading away while the NEW time fades in. New styles are produced as the Architects form new concepts. more
Pulsar Watch Repair
Pulsar – Created by Hamilton Watch Company with the Pulsar calculator watch and LCD watches in the 1970’s. Then sold to the Seiko Corporation where it joined their line of great Quartz watches... more
Rado Watch Repair
A unique and brilliant design was created by the Rado Corporation with the Ceramic Cases and Bracelets. The Innovation of using hi-tech Ceramics, Sapphire Crystals and Hard metals that are scratch resistant  to create a Smooth surface watch that is stylish and durable  was futuristic of this company in 1957. more
Raymond Weil Watch Repair
Raymond Weil is a family owned independent watch company that designed their watches for the more youthful trendsetters in 1976. more
Roberto Cavalli Watch Repair
Factory Authorized Service Center
Roberto Cavalli is one of Italy’s leading designers of Watches. more
Rolex Watch Repair
Whether you have a Rolex Oyster-Datejust, Oyster Quartz, Submariner or Daytona it is one magnificent timepiece, owning one is a pleasure and should be treated as such. more
Sector No Limits Watch Repair
Factory Authorized Service Center
J & J Watch Repair is the Authorized Service Center in the USA and Canada. Sector No Limits were crafted in Italy in 1973 as one of the most Functional and Durable watches for highly active clients. more
Seiko Watch Repair
Seiko Corporation was founded in Japan in 1881 and became known worldwide by 1969. They looked at the watch technology differently than ever before with the first timepieces with LCD screens and digital time as well as multi-functional “computer” style watches. more
Squale Watch Repair Authorized Service Center
Squale Watches developed for the Italian Elite Military with Diver status and Swiss made movements. They are Hand Crafted in Switzerland for the company. Squale has a beautiful selection of Divers watches that are Durable, Functional and Stylish. more
Swiss Army Victorinox Watch Repair
The Swiss Company spend many years researching the needs and functionality of the use for their Timepieces before engineering in 1989, The First Swiss Army Victorinox.Swiss Army Victorinox timepieces combine classic style, durability on the Military Field, at the North Pole, in the Amazon Rain Forest and offers a companion for life to aid in the pursuit of new challenges for the owner. more