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JJ Watch Repair

Constantin Weisz Watch Repair
Factory Authorized Service Center

Constantin Weisz Factory Authorized Watch Repair Service Center 

J & J Watch Repair will give special attention to your in warranty and out of warranty  Constantin Weisz timepiece while it is with us.

All genuine Constantin Weisz material is used when required for replacement. 

J & J Watch Repair will completely evaluate and report to you what your Constantin Weisz requires to be fully functioning again. 

JJwatchrepair.com uses the most advanced technology and modern machines to restore your Constantin Weisz to factory specifications. 

Upon completion, you will receive your Constantin Weisz timepiece completely cleaned, internally and externally as well as polished along with a 1 year warranty on all repairs. 

Here at J & J Watch Repair watches are completely disassembled, the movements are ultrasonically cleaned, oiled and time tested in 6 positions and are electronically timed for accuracy. Batteries are replaced in all quartz watches.  Meanwhile the cases and bands are ultrasonically cleaned, polished and steamed. Upon completion they are reassembled and timed again and pressure sealed when required.

J & J Watch Repair uses all genuine material when replacement is necessary.

 J & J Watch Repair will do upon request:                        

                                       Constantin Weisz Crystal Replacements                       

                                       Constantin Weisz Stem and Crown Replacement        

                                       Constantin Weisz Watchbands & Strap Replacements 

Constantin Weisz is a New and Innovated German Company that has created a Line of Mechanical, Automatic and Chronograph Timepieces that are classic in design, excellent quality in movement & case design, versatile in design for fashion and functionality for both Men and Women. The Constantin Weisz Company has made a name for themselves throughout Europe that has people looking forward to its USA debut. 

  J & J Watch Repair Inc. has been named the USA Authorized Service Center for the Constantin Weisz line of timepieces. Together, we have the experience and technological knowledge to help the consumer maintain these timepieces for many years to come.  

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