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TechnoMarine Watch Repair

TechnoMarine Watch Repair

 J & J Watch Repair will give special attention to your out of warranty TechnoMarine timepiece while it is with us. 

 J & J Watch Repair will completely evaluate and report to you what your TechnoMarine requires to be fully functioning again.

JJwatchrepair.com uses the most advanced technology and modern machines to restore your TechnoMarine to factory specifications. 

Upon completion, you will receive your TechnoMarine timepiece completely cleaned, internally and externally as well as polished along with a 1 year warranty on all repairs. 

  Here at J & J Watch Repair watches are completely disassembled, the movements are ultrasonically cleaned, oiled and time tested in 6 positions and are electronically timed for accuracy. Batteries are replaced in all quartz watches.  Meanwhile the cases and bands are ultrasonically cleaned, polished and steamed. Upon completion they are reassembled and timed again and pressure sealed when required.

J & J Watch Repair uses all genuine material when replacement is necessary.

 J & J Watch Repair will do upon request:    

                     TechnoMarine Crystal Replacements  

                     TechnoMarine Battery Replacement & Water Sealed   

 In the midst of a re-birth, TechnoMarine is the dynamic Geneva Based watch brand known for timepieces that mix a playful attitude with strong design. We believe watches should be cool, fun and user-friendly. Our watches are a reflection of who we are. Drawing from our birthplace - the famed seaside resort, St-Tropez and living up to our name, TechnoMarine infuses elements of water into everything we do. We're proud to have been the first ever to put diamonds on a diving chronograph, and we continue to fuse together unexpected combinations-be they materials, methods or simply ideas. We are ready to astonish anew.

Like the ocean, TechnoMarine is in motion. As the brand moves forward, innovation is the rule, not the exception. We dive head first into new adventures and are constantly on the hunt for new ways to break the mold. Creative and daring ideas are encouraged. Our identity is vibrant, dynamic and bold.

TechnoMarine concentrates on four inter-related universes : 'beach', 'boating', 'diving' and 'city'. We are the bridge that conects active urbanites to the marine universe. 

TechnoMarine is steering its own course now. Get on board!

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