Movado Group is one of the best watchmakers in the world. They make, design, and sell watches. They have reached many different people across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Far East. Remember that you need expertise for Movado Watch Repair. So always rely on authorized centers for the repair.

Proper Care For Better Life of Your Watch

Maintenance Service

Your watch needs regular care to work its best. Maintenance includes taking it apart and cleaning it. It is also about changing any parts that are worn out and putting them back together. One also needs to put oil on the parts that move. It’s recommended to do this every 3 to 5 years, along with changing the battery if needed.
Don’t try to open the watch yourself. If your watch needs fixing or adjusting, take it to a place authorized by the company.


These watches are made to resist shocks. Each one is tested to check if it can handle being hit or dropped without breaking.


If your watch isn’t sealed properly, dust can get inside and stop it from working. Check if the glass has become loose, chipped, or cracked. Also check if there’s damage to the case or the part you use to set the time. In such cases get your watch fixed right away.


Strong magnets can mess up a watch’s ability to tell time. They might even stop it altogether. A quartz watch should start working right again once it’s away from the magnet. A mechanical watch might need repair to work again.

Water Resistance

These watches are tested to check if they can handle being in the water. Most can handle being 30 meters underwater. But some can handle even more pressure. Look on your watch to see how much it can handle. If it IS not marked, don’t put it under more pressure than 30 meters. You could break it and lose your warranty.
Do not mess with the parts you use to set the time or start a stopwatch when your watch is wet or underwater.
To keep your watch water-resistant, get it checked every year. The parts that seal the watch can wear out. So they need to be looked at and changed if needed every time the watch is opened for maintenance. The expert will check this aspect even when the battery is changed. An authorized center will test your watch to see if it is still water-resistant.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

After using the watch’s screw-down feature, remember to screw it back tightly.
Water resistance only applies to the watch case. Some watch straps should not be worn in water Check the care instructions for your strap.
Avoid putting your watch in very hot or very cold places.
Don’t drop your watch or hit it against anything hard.
Get your watch checked to see if it is still water-resistant after any big hits.
Clean your watch regularly. For this wipe it with a soft wet cloth. Remember to do this after being in seawater.

Taking Care of Your Watch Strap

Take proper care of the strap if you want it to last long. It also depends on how you wear it. But, good care can make it last longer.
Leather straps should stay dry. Water can make them dry out and break. Don’t spray perfume on them. This could affect the leather. After you have been in chlorinated or salty water, wipe your leather strap with fresh water and let it air dry.
Use warm water and soap with a neutral pH to clean the strap. Then wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Or rinse it under warm running water. Stay away from acetone and ethyl alcohol.
Note: Movado doesn’t cover watch straps under their warranty.

Battery Info

A Movado watch with a quartz movement needs a special battery. It lasts about 18-36 months if you use it normally.
Using special features, like a stopwatch on some models, might make the battery run out faster.
Only use the battery Movado says to use. Take your watch to a place that fixes watches authorized by Movado to get the battery changed. They will get rid of the old battery the right way. Don’t try to change the battery yourself.

Why Choose an Authorized Service Center for Watch Repair


Authorized centers are approved by Movado. They are known for reliability and quality service.

Skilled Technicians:

They have experts trained specifically to repair these watches.

Genuine Parts:

They use authentic company parts. So you need not worry about the integrity of your watch.

Warranty Protection:

Repairs done at authorized centers maintain your watch’s warranty.

Proper Equipment:

They are equipped with specialized tools and machinery. So they can do accurate repairs.

No Worries:

An authorized center guarantees that your watch is in capable hands. It will be returned to you in its optimal condition.

Service Options Offered By Authorized Center

Authorized Movado Watch Repair Centers offer different types of repair services. They check if your watch is well-maintained and functioning properly. Here are some of the different types of repair services they provide:

Battery Replacement:

• Authorized centers can replace the battery in your watch when it runs out.
• They use the correct type of battery recommended by Movado for optimal performance.
• Battery replacements are done by trained technicians to avoid damaging the watch.

Movement Servicing:

• These watches have intricate movements that may require servicing over time.
• Authorized centers offer movement servicing. This is to keep the internal mechanisms of your watch in good condition.
• They do disassembling, cleaning, lubricating, and reassembling. This helps in smooth operation.

Crystal Replacement:

• If the crystal of your watch becomes damaged or scratched, authorized centers can replace it.
• They use genuine company crystals to maintain the original look and quality of your watch.
• Replacement crystals are expertly installed for a perfect fit.

Strap and Bracelet Repair:

• These watches come with different types of straps and bracelets. These may require repair or adjustment.
• Authorized centers offer services such as resizing bracelets.
• They can replace worn-out straps.
• They can repair damaged clasps.
• They use high-quality materials and follow company standards for durability and comfort.

Water Resistance Testing and Repair:

• They are designed to be water-resistant. But this feature may degrade over time.
• Authorized centers can test the water resistance of your watch.
• They can make any necessary repairs so that it remains waterproof.
• This may include replacing gaskets, seals, or other components. This prevents water from entering the watch.

Dial and Hand Restoration:

• If the dial or hands of your watch become damaged or discolored, authorized centers can restore them.
• They use specialized techniques to repair or refinish dials and hands.
• They restore them to their original appearance.

Warranty Repairs:

• Authorized service centers handle warranty repairs for these watches.
• If your watch experiences any issues covered by the warranty they can perform the necessary repairs free of charge.

Finding The Right Repair Option

Research Authorized Service Centers:

• Start by researching authorized service centers for these watches in your area.
• You can do this by visiting the Movado website.
• You can contact their customer service for a list of authorized centers near you.

Check Reputation and Reviews:

• Once you have a list of authorized service centers, check their reputation and reviews online.
• Look for feedback from previous customers.
• This is to see if they were satisfied with the service provided.
• Choose a center with positive reviews and a good reputation for quality repairs.

Consider Experience and Expertise:

• Look for authorized service centers with experienced technicians.
• They must be well-versed in repairing these watches.
• Check if the technicians are certified by the company.
• See if they have the necessary skills and expertise to handle your watch model.

Verify Genuine Parts:

• Check that the service center uses genuine parts for repairs.
• Genuine parts are essential for maintaining the integrity and performance of your watch.
• Avoid centers that use aftermarket or counterfeit parts. This may compromise the quality of the repair.

Inquire About Services Offered:

• Inquire about the specific repair services they offer for these watches.
• The best service providers provide all types of repair services.

Get Estimates:

• Request estimates from the authorized service centers for the repair services you need.
• Compare the estimates to check if you are getting a fair price for the repair work.
• Keep in mind that the cheapest option isn’t always the best.
• So prioritize quality and expertise over price.

Ask About Warranty:

• Inquire about the warranty provided for repairs by the authorized service center.
• Check if the repairs are covered by a warranty in case of any issues after the service.

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