Comprehensive Watch Repair Services

At J & J Watch Repair Inc., we offer a range of watch repair services. It can be simple battery replacements or tough movement services. Common repairs include fixing broken or damaged components, adjusting watch accuracy, replacing worn-out parts, and restoring water resistance. In addition, we offer movement servicing to precise battery replacement services. Being a leading name in the industry, we have proven expertise in repairing all types of watches. We promise to keep your watch in the finest condition. Hence, our team dedicatedly works for hours to provide top-notch watch repairing solutions tailored to your needs. For more details related to our services or expert assistance, call us now.



Watch Movement Service:

Watch movement service involves the careful examination and analysis of watch movements. Our experts are proficient at identifying worn or broken parts and maladjustments in the movement. Based on their assessment, they determine whether parts need replacement or repair to restore the movement to their original specifications and tolerances. With precision and care, we see to it that your watch’s movement functions flawlessly.

Battery Replacement

We specialize in providing expert battery replacement services. Our team’s expertise and attention to detail guarantee that every battery replacement is done with the utmost care. We offer services, like case resealing and pressure testing. We try to see to it that your watch remains water-resistant and protected. With certified watchmakers handling your timepiece, you can trust that the battery replacement is done properly.

Performance Testing:

For the best performance of your watch, we conduct thorough performance testing as part of our repair services. Our testing procedures assess the accuracy and functionality of your watch. We check whether it meets the highest standards of performance. We check the timekeeping accuracy and the functionality of your watch. In addition, we also thoroughly test every aspect to guarantee your watch’s reliability.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We use an ultrasonic cleaning procedure to clean your watch. This helps us to remove dirt, debris, and anything else on your watch. The method of cleaning is gentle yet thorough, making sure delicate parts are treated well. It restores the shine and function of your watch. With our top-notch cleaning tools, we promise a thorough cleaning process that enhances both the look and performance of your watch.

Parts Replacement

You can approach us if your watch requires parts replacement. Our skilled watchmakers can handle it well. We source high-quality and genuine replacement parts for your watch from reputable manufacturers. This is necessary for compatibility and longevity. Whether it is a worn-out gear or a damaged component, we restore your watch to optimal condition.

Strap Replacement

We offer wristwatch strap replacement services. We have many good-quality watch straps. You will surely find the right strap from our collection. We also do the installation for a customized look that suits your preferences. Change the look of your watch or try a new style by choosing our strap replacement services.

Get your beloved watch, serviced by our experts.