Made for women, by women, Michele watches are fancy. They go well with any style. They are bold and beautiful. They have diamonds that show confidence, brightness, and energy. Each watch represents the woman who wears it. It is like an extra part of her that shows her personality. Sometimes you may face problems with this watch. For this, you have to approach Michele Watch Repair service provider.

Know Your Special Watch

Some people think Michele watches are good because they’re made well. They have a Swiss movement. But others say they are pricey. The Michele Smart Hybrid watch is great because it has lots of cool features. It looks nice, but it’s a bit heavy. These watches are worth the money because they are well-made. They have good quality, even if they are not Swiss-made.

Good things about Michele watches:

  • Made well
  • Swiss movement
  • You can change the straps
  • Hard-to-scratch crystal

Not-so-good things about Michele watches:

  • Cost a lot

Why Your Watch May Not Be Working?

When you have a fancy watch, it is normal for it to sometimes slow down. It may even stop working. It might feel upsetting, especially if you spent a lot of money on it. But sometimes, there is a simple solution.

You need to check why your watch is not working. Identify potential issues to troubleshoot effectively.

Sometimes, the watch has problems because it is getting old. The oils inside might dry up. Or parts might wear out from being used for a long time. But there are other reasons why the watch might stop working.

Battery Problems


The main reason a watch stops working is because the battery dies.

You need to know if your watch runs is quartz or mechanical. You can tell by looking at how the second-hand moves. If it ticks, it’s usually a quartz watch. If it moves smoothly, it’s mechanical. Quartz watches are easier and cheaper to fix. Mechanical ones need more attention.

For quartz watches, the most common reason they stop is the battery dying. Most watch batteries last around 2 years. But this can change based on different things:

  • If your watch is digital or not
  • The size of the battery
  • What functions does your watch have
  • how much do you use them

Using certain functions a lot can make the battery die faster. Extreme weather may also affect the watch.

If your watch stops, a technician will first check the battery and connections. If it is the battery, they can usually replace it right there. But we don’t recommend trying to change the battery yourself. This is because you might damage your watch.

Instead, find a good Michele Watch Repair shop. The experts can quickly change the battery for you.

Water Damage

Even a tiny drop of water inside your watch can mess up how it works. The small parts inside will rust when they get wet. They will stop working. Sometimes, the seals in the watch break. Or if the watch gets soaked with the crown out, it can cause this damage.

Physical Damage (also called Impact Damage)

Using your hands every day means your watch might get bumped around. Small bumps usually just make it look bad. But dropping your watch can affect the inside parts. The watch may stop working. Some watches have cases that resist shocks. But if your watch suddenly stops after a big fall, this might be the reason.

Unauthorized Repairs

Watches have lots of tiny parts. If someone who is not authorized tries to fix it, they might not do it right. Luxury watches especially need special parts that match the brand. If the wrong parts get put in, the watch might not work like it should.

Sending it back to the maker can often solve the issue. But using an unauthorized repair center might void your warranty. This can cost you more later on.

Warranty Details Of Michele Watches

  • Michele products are exclusively sold by authorized dealers.
  • A two-year limited warranty is provided to customers who purchase a watch from an authorized dealer.
  • Michele cannot guarantee the authenticity of products bought outside of its official authorized dealer network.
  • The MICHELE WATCH STANDARD LIMITED WARRANTY is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty separate from consumer law rights.
  • The warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects for two years from the original purchase date.
  • Covered components include the watch movement, hands, and dial.
  • Repairs or replacements for defective components are free of charge under normal use conditions.
  • If replacement is necessary, there is no guarantee the same model will be provided.
  • Non-covered items include the battery, case, crystal, strap or bracelet, and any damage due to mishandling, accidents, or neglect.
  • Water damage is not covered if care instructions for water resistance levels are not followed.
  • Watches purchased from unauthorized retailers are not covered.
  • The warranty is void if the watch has been damaged by unauthorized repair or if serial numbers or tracking marks have been altered.

Common Repair Services For This Watch

Bracelet Repairs

Sometimes, the links, screws, or pins in the bracelet might break. This can happen because of everyday use.  They can be replaced. This can keep your watch secure on your wrist.

Basic Maintenance

Cleaning the inside of the watch. Replacing the battery if necessary. Sealing the case to prevent water damage. Replacing the gasket that keeps the watch sealed.

Polish and Refinishing

Polishing and refinishing scratched or dented watches. This is to restore their appearance and prolong their lifespan.


Waterproofing watches by replacing gaskets. This is to maintain their water resistance and prevent damage from moisture.

Crown and Stem Replacement

Replacing crowns and stems if they break. They are essential for setting the time, and date, and winding the watch.

Battery Replacement

Changing the battery so that the watch works properly.

Crystal Replacement

Crystal replacement for scratched or cracked watch faces. This is to improve readability and aesthetics.


Overhauling watches to thoroughly inspect and repair internal components for optimal performance.

Quartz Repair

Repairing quartz movements to maintain accuracy and functionality.


Resealing watches. This is done by replacing worn-out seals to protect against water and dust infiltration.

Movement Service

Servicing watch movements. This is for the smooth operation of internal parts.

Band Repair or Replacement

Repairing or replacing watch bands that are broken or worn out. This is for better comfort and usability.

Stem and Crown Repair

Repairing or replacing stems and crowns that are damaged. This allows users to continue using their watches normally.

Select Only Authorized Repair Service Provider


Technicians undergo rigorous training and certification directly from Michele. So they possess the necessary expertise to handle the watches properly.

Genuine Parts:

Authorized Michele Watch Repair service providers have access to authentic replacement parts. This guarantees proper fit and quality. This is important for maintaining the performance of your watch.

Warranty Coverage

To preserve the warranty the repair must be done by an authorized service provider.

Quality Standards

Authorized providers adhere to strict quality standards. They follow manufacturer-recommended procedures for repairs and maintenance. They utilize specialized equipment and tools designed for these watches.

Preservation of Value

Expert care and the use of genuine parts help preserve the performance, accuracy, and value of your watch.

Access to Specialized Equipment

Authorized providers have access to specialized equipment and tools specifically designed for these watches. They give precise and accurate servicing that meets the highest standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Authorized providers prioritize customer satisfaction. They offer exceptional customer service and support throughout the repair process. They give a positive experience from start to finish.

Transparency and Communication

These providers maintain transparent communication with customers. They provide updates on the repair progress. They address any concerns or questions promptly.


They have professionalism in all aspects of their service, from initial consultation to final inspection.

Warranty Preservation

By choosing an authorized provider, you avoid the risk of voiding your warranty. This may occur with unauthorized repair shops. So you get continued warranty coverage for future service needs with authorized centers.

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If you are facing problems with your Michele watch then you can get it repaired. But for this selecting the right service provider is essential. We can provide the required services to you. Get in touch with us for complete information. We will check your watch and provide the repair details to you.