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You agree to accept these Terms and Conditions by accessing or using our services. These Terms apply to all the users who wish to access or use the Service. 

Fresh terms and conditions applicable to the use of the point,  sequestration enterprises, specific areas of this point, or to particular content or deals are posted in particular areas of the point and, together with these Terms of trade, govern your use of those areas, content, or deals. These terms, together with applicable fresh terms and conditions, are terms of a legal agreement between you and  J&J Watch Repair INC and are inclusively appertained to herein as the “ Agreement. ”   


  1. Party Responsibility. All deals conducted on this point are solely the responsibility of  J&J Watch Repair INC and similar callers.   
  2. Threat- Of- Loss. You remain responsible for the threat- of- loss for the products until delivery of the same to  J&J Watch Repair INC. You’re responsible for any damages that may do to your product while in conveyance. Threat- of- Loss only passes to J&J Watch Repair INC upon  J&J Watch Repair INC’s damage to the product. Damage to the watch occurs when a box or envelope is inked for and audited. In the event of a claim with the shipping company, you’re responsible for furnishing evidence of purchase as well as evidence of payload to collect on insurance. However,  J&J Watch Repair INC isn’t responsible for carrying insurance payment, if you don’t give proper attestation.  J&J Watch Repair INC isn’t responsible for loss or damage during payload or delivery.  J&J Watch Repair INC is the “ shipper ” only in name to expedite and grease the shipping process. The maximum that our insurance will cover through UPS is $10,000.00 or the relief value whichever is lower.   
  3. What shipping insurance does and doesn’t cover

Shipping insurance doesn’t cover novelettish value. During the incoming( to our installation) conveyance, the watch is covered for its relief value minus the cost of the form. On the way back to the client, shipping insurance covers the relief value of the watch only. Coverage is limited to the quantum specified upon subscribing and is also limited to the factual value of the watch( not any number inputted). The maximum that our insurance will cover through UPS is $10,000.00 or the relief value whichever is lower. All Replica or Fake watches have a maximum value of $100.00   

  1. Payment/ Refund Policy. Upon acceptance of our form estimate, you’ll need to pay either with a credit card, PayPal or check/  plutocrat order. Upon clicking the “ accept estimate ” and transferring payment for the form, you have made a fairly binding agreement to do with the repair. However, a full refund minus return shipping is issued, If the J&J Watch Repair INC deems the watch unrepairable after payment. If you bear bond service, no refunds are issued, but free bond work is handed. Please see our bond runner for further details.  
  2. All opinions Are Final. The form of the watch commences upon damage of payment. However, we aren’t responsible for relating them( although we do our stylish to find them singly), If the client doesn’t specify other issues.   
  3. Guarantee of form.  J&J Watch Repair INC doesn’t guarantee that we can repair your watch. We must first examine your watch to determine a) If the form can be completed successfully; and b) How important the form will be.   Please note that, in some cases, the cost of the form may exceed the value of the watch.   
  4. UnrepairableWatch.However, in the judgment of J&J Watch Repair INC, your watch can not feasibly be repaired due to lack of access to the necessary corridor or labour,   
  5. Return Shipping.  J&J Watch Repair INC offers free incoming( to our installation) shipping only. client is responsible for return shipping in all scripts.   
  6. Abandoned Watch.  J&J Watch Repair INC isn’t responsible for watches left over one( 1) time.   
  7. Unwanted Watch. If you don’t want to do with the repairs and don’t want to pay for return shipping, we will hold onto your unrepaired watch for a period of no longer than one( 1) time in case you change your mind regarding either the form or return payload.  
  8. Length of form time. We make no guarantees or pledges regarding the length of the form time. Due to the nature of the business, and the variable punctuality of colourful corridor suppliers, we can only give general guidelines. By no means are these guidelines a guarantee or deadline.  J&J Watch Repair INC isn’t responsible for any detainments caused by the attainability of corridors or detainments in part shipments by the supplier or manufacturer.   
  9. Plant repairs. If  J&J Watch Repair INC can not complete the form in-house, we may ask for authorization to shoot your watch to the plant in which the watch is made for further evaluation. However, there may be a fresh charge to transport to the plant depending on their terms and conditions, If given the go-ahead. While at the plant,  J&J Watch Repair INC isn’t liable for loss, damage, or any other problems associated with the form. formerly in their possession, these terms and conditions are to be amended to include and be supplanted by the separate terms and conditions of said plant.   
  10. Return Shipment. Our shipping providers only telephone after delivering packages, and we can not guarantee the time of delivery. However, the package may be returned to us, at which point you’re responsible for a fresh payment to cover shipment, If you aren’t available to admit the delivery after three attempts. 
  11. Our one-year warranty applies strictly to the work carried out by our team. It covers only the specific components that were worked on during the repair and any internal repairs made to the movement. Only partial repairs are not included in this warranty. If the issue is not resolved by simply changing the battery, additional work may be necessary at an extra cost. Any winding, electrical, or external components of the watch (such as the case, band, crystal, setting mechanism, bezel, etc.) are not covered by the warranty. Opening the watch’s casing during the warranty period will void the warranty. Damage caused by impacts or water due to user error will also not be covered. It’s important to note that the water resistance of the watch is not permanent. The gaskets inside the watch can deteriorate over time, affecting the watch’s ability to resist water.    
  12. J&J Watch Repair INC strives to maintain the accuracy of all information provided to you regarding your product. If there are any typographical errors, technical inaccuracies, or mistakes in product pricing, J&J Watch Repair INC has the right to rectify the error once it is discovered. If an error is corrected, you will have the option to either proceed with the transaction using the corrected information or cancel the transaction, in which case Watch Repair INC will promptly return the product to you. 
  13. General Provision
  14. a) Entire Agreement/No Waiver. These Terms of Service represent the complete agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter.   The headings are included for convenience only and do not form part of the agreement or indicate the intentions of the parties.J&J Watch Repair INC will not waive any breach or default hereunder, whether past or future, by waiving a current breach or default.    
  15. b) Rectifying Mistakes and Inaccuracies. The content might have typos or inaccuracies and could be incomplete or outdated. As a result, J&J Watch Repair INC has the authority to rectify any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions and modify or update the content without advance notice.   Nevertheless, J&J Watch Repair INC cannot assure that all errors, inaccuracies, or omissions will be rectified.   
  16. c) Changes.J&J Watch Repair INC has the authority to make changes to this Agreement without prior notice. By using The Service after any changes, you are agreeing to abide by the modified Agreement. The date of the last revision of these Terms of Service is provided below.   Any amendments to the Agreement take effect as soon as they are posted. 

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