Watches do more than just tell time. They are accessories that mix practicality with fashion. Whether they are handed down or bought new, these timepieces mean a lot to us. To keep them working well, they need regular check-ups. In this guide, we will check different details about watch repair. We will check the importance of professional watch repair and maintenance.

Types of Watches

Understanding the mechanics and display of watches is essential for repair.


Mechanical Watches

  • Traditional timepieces are powered by a mainspring.
  • They require manual winding.
  • Mainspring tension drives the watch’s components.


Automatic Watches

  • Similar to mechanical watches but self-winding due to the wearer’s movement.
  • Kinetic energy from motion keeps the mainspring wound.


Quartz Watches

  • Operate with an internal battery
  • They are affordable and accurate.
  • The battery-powered mechanism for precise timekeeping.


Why Professional Watch Repair Matters?

Attempting DIY repairs on timepieces can lead to more harm than good.

  • Complexity of Watches: Watches have intricate components. These require specialized tools and expertise. DIY attempts may escalate simple issues into costly repairs.
  • Warranty Considerations: Self-repair can void warranties. This can lead to additional expenses. Professional repair provides warranty compliance.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Professional repairs prevent minor issues from escalating into expensive repairs. Investing in professional servicing saves time and money in the long run.


Importance of Watch Servicing

Regular servicing is required to maintain the accuracy and longevity of the watches.

  • Preventive Maintenance: Servicing every three to five years prevents wear and tear. Doing this helps in identifying and addressing minor issues before they escalate.
  • Component Care: Cleaning, oiling, and part replacements improve accuracy. They reduce friction. Provides optimal performance. It improves the life of the timepiece.


Signs Your Watch Requires Servicing

Regular maintenance is needed to maintain the condition and accuracy of watches. Luxury timepieces can often withstand years without servicing. But certain signs indicate that they need to be repaired.


Water Damage

Water damage is an indicator of servicing. Symptoms include:

  • Condensation beneath the watch glass
  • Rust or corrosion on the casing
  • Unusual odors.

Even a small amount of water infiltration can damage the watch’s delicate internal mechanisms in a short time.


Rattling Noise

The presence of a rattling noise within the watch case suggests a loose component. It occurs post-impact or fall. Loose screws or gears can swiftly cause extensive damage to the watch’s intricate parts. Prompt attention is needed to prevent further complications.


Loss of Timekeeping Accuracy

Noticing significant deviations in timekeeping accuracy signals need for servicing. Possible causes are:

  • The accumulation of dirt within the mechanism
  • Dried-up lubricating oils
  • General wear and tear

In such cases, you will need component replacement, or watch magnetization.


Post-Accident Assessment

Even if a watch appears undamaged following an accident, internal components may have incurred unseen damage. Over time, this hidden damage can result in more severe issues. This can result in additional costs. Therefore, post-accident assessment and servicing is necessary. This is to maintain the watch’s functionality and life.


Impact on Water-Resistance

Accidental impacts or drops can affect a watch’s water-resistance capabilities. This can pose risks if worn in wet environments. Even if servicing is postponed, it’s advisable to undergo water pressure testing. This is to check continued water resistance. You must do this, particularly before exposing the watch to showering or swimming.

Recognizing these signs and promptly addressing them with professional servicing is necessary. The watch owners can preserve the integrity and performance of their watches for years.


Common Watch Repairs

Common watch repair services are as follows:


Battery Replacement:

  • Signs: Stopped watch, inaccurate timekeeping, frozen or jumping second hand.
  • In such cases, you require technical expertise. This is for the proper replacement of the battery and resealing.


Bracelet or Strap Adjustment:

  • Regular wear leads to resizing of the strap. At times the strap may get damaged. replacement needs.
  • Expert service providers offer refinishing, polishing, and resizing services.


Water Damage Repair:

  • Water damage needs immediate attention. This is required to prevent rust and internal damage.
  • Certified repair is needed for proper drying, resealing, and pressure testing.


Crown and Stem Repair

  • The issues that you will see are difficulty in adjusting time/date. You may also have a loose or detached crown.
  • This indicates potential damage to the stem. It requires professional intervention.


Watch Glass Replacement

  • Accidental damage may lead to cracked or shattered glass.
  • Repair or replacement restores the watch’s aesthetics and functionality.


Complete Mechanical Watch Servicing

  • In this watch repair service in-depth overhaul is done. This includes cleaning, oiling, seal replacement, and pressure tests.
  • This is very important for the optimal performance and life of mechanical timepieces.


Repairing of Quartz and Mechanical watches:


Quartz Watches

  • Quartz watches are known for their simplicity. They have low maintenance needs. If your quartz watch has issues like suddenly stopping, fixing it usually involves simple repairs.
  • When a quartz watch stops, it’s often because the battery has run out. Changing the battery is a quick and effective way to get your watch working again.

Other common issues with quartz watches include

  • Dirt getting inside
  • Damage to the quartz crystal
  • Rust or corrosion around the battery
  • Problems with the electronics which are caused by rusted wires.

These problems can be fixed by professionals who repair and maintain watches. Sometimes, it is better to replace the entire quartz movement instead of fixing individual parts.


Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are made of many small parts carefully put together to keep accurate time. Fixing them requires a lot of skill and knowledge because they are so complex.

Each mechanical watch has its special parts and ways of working. This makes it hard to find the right parts for repairs. Fixing them can be tricky and expensive.

Mechanical watch fixing needs special tools and techniques. This is to make them work properly. Because they are so delicate, repairs can take a long time and cost a lot.


Understanding Repair Costs and Timeframes

Factors influencing repair costs and timeframes vary based on the watch type and repair needs.


Cost Factors

  • Type of timepiece
  • Repair complexity
  • Replacement parts influence costs.

Proper inspection is needed for accurate cost estimation.



  • The repair duration ranges from two weeks to one month.
  • Factors such as parts availability and repair complexity affect turnaround time.



  1. How can I prevent my watch from needing repair?

Regularly service your watch. Avoid exposing it to extreme conditions. Handle it with care to prevent damage.


  1. How to select a watch repair technician?

Choose a technician with experience, proper training, and certifications.


  1. How much does the watch repair cost?

The cost of watch repair varies. It depends on the type and the extent of damage.


  1. Who can repair my watch?

Choose a trustworthy company like J&J Watch Repair Inc. as they have skilled technicians who have expertise in repairing all kinds of watches.


  1. Can all watches be repaired?

Most watch problems can be fixed. But sometimes the damage is too much or the cost too high. Vintage or rare watches may need special parts or skills.



Taking good care of your watch and fixing it on time is important to keep it working well. Regular maintenance is required for your watch’s longevity. Address any issues promptly. Seek repairs as soon as they arise for optimal performance. If you need watch repair services, you can trust J&J Watch Repair Inc.