Mondaine Watch Repair

Mondaine Watch Repair

J & J Watch Repair will give special attention to your Mondaine timepiece while it is with us.

All genuine material is used when required for replacement.

J & J Watch Repair will completely evaluate and report to you what your Mondaine requires to be fully functioning. uses the most advanced technology and modern machines to restore your Mondaine to factory specifications.

Upon completion, you will receive your timepiece completely cleaned, internally and externally as well as polished along with a 1 year warranty on all repairs.

Here at J & J Watch Repair watches are completely disassembled the movements are ultrasonically cleaned, oiled and time tested in 6 positions and are electronically timed for accuracy. Batteries are replaced in all quartz watches.  Meanwhile the cases and bands are ultrasonically cleaned, polished and steamed. Upon completion they are re-assembled and timed again and pressure sealed when required. We use all genuine material when replacement is necessary.

J & J Watch Repair will do upon request:

Mondaine Crystal replacements

Mondaine Stem and crown replacement

Mondaine  Dial refinishing

Switzerland is synonymous with quality Watch Making and many Famous Brands have begun here. In 1951, the Bernheim Family developed a time piece for the Swiss Railway Stations to be reliable, visible and accurate for the station masters to be able to alert the travelers when trains where approaching on time. The Railways used a Red paddle to alert people and the Bernheim family created a RED second hand on its clocks to have the same effect. Today, the Mondaine Company incorporates this into every timepiece they sell. The Red second hand has become the Signature sign of distinction,  accuracy,  and reliability  among  the Horology world.